An Insurance Program Designed for the Behavioral Healthcare Industry

ATP and mental healthcare facilities fall under the umbrella of behavioral healthcare. From intervention, crisis stabilization and detox facilities, through residential and outpatient treatment programs, to supported housing and sober living homes, these organizations and facilities are an integral part of the U.S. healthcare system, saving lives and benefiting society as a whole.

Tap Into Our Programs for a Broad Range of Classes

ATP, an insurance program specifically designed to provide the protection the behavioral healthcare sector requires to continue to do its work, has been at the forefront of offering industry-specific coverages and risk management strategies. Our program covers a broad range of targeted classes, including:

As the largest insurance program in the country focusing on the behavioral healthcare industry, our staff not only understands the complexity of the exposures this niche faces today, but we also have our pulse on how this sector is changing and expanding. This includes the impact of the Affordable Care Act, slated to provide more individuals with access to treatment while integrating behavioral and physical health; societal shifts about mental illness and addiction; the trend toward offering alternative solutions to incarceration; new treatment protocols and medications; and other factors bringing behavioral health issues into the national discussion.

Leverage A Profitable Niche with Tremendous Growth Potential

A $200 billion industry, behavioral healthcare represents an estimated seven percent of the $3 trillion healthcare industry – the largest industry and component of GDP in the United States. Moreover, the industry is expected to grow more than 30% over the next five to seven years. We can help you become a part of this growth with our exclusive ATP Insurance Program.