Should Addiction Treatment be an Alternative to Jail Time?

Posted on: January 27, 2015 by ATP Insurance Program

Should Addiction Treatment be an Alternative to Jail Time?

Earlier this year, a former marine in Southern California was convicted of killing three of his fellow servicemen in a drunken-driving crash. However, instead of going to prison, the former sergeant is requesting that he receive addiction treatment.

The sergeant’s attorney, William Paparian, states that his defendant should receive this treatment and cites a California penal code that asks courts to consider whether the offense was committed as a result of trauma or injury from service in the military. Jared Ray Hale, the marine, does in fact suffer from PTSD, thus the defense.

As stated in an article on addiction treatment website, drug addiction and abuse don’t simply just go away while a person is incarcerated. The underlying issue that caused the drug and/or alcohol use still remains, and can actually make it more difficult for a person to readjust to daily life after being released from prison. This correlation between drugs and prison time has been a hot topic amongst legislators, taxpayers, and the general population. lists some interesting statistics; the U.S. Justice Department, for example, notes that two-third of drug offenders released from prison will return to jail or prison within three years. In addition, of the estimated 800,000 people in the criminal justice system who needed or may have benefited from substance abuse treatment, less than one-third receive it.

These statistics raise an interesting question; is it safer for the general public for drug abusers to receive addiction treatment as an alternative to jail time? According to experts, the use of drugs certainly contributes to criminal offenses. Around 33% of state and 22% of federal inmates were influenced by drugs at the time they committed their crime, after all.

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