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Posted on: November 25, 2014 by ATP Insurance Program

Behavioral Healthcare Insurance: Can Hotlines Be Sued?

As a telephone crisis counselor, your clients in this behavioral healthcare sector have a huge responsibility; they are there to serve as a crisis intervention as well as a prevention measure for those who feel that they may hurt themselves or others due to their addiction or other mental health need. While hotlines are mostly regarded as something that focuses on suicide prevention, they also exist to offer supportive counseling to help people in extremely stressful or overwhelming situations.

Working for crisis and intervention hotlines is not an easy undertaking. Your clients must be able to react immediately, yet calmly. They have to gain a good reputation and trust with the people that contact them, in a short amount of time. They are often dealing with people that are in a potentially life-threatening situation and must have compassion and understanding due to this. In addition to empathy for others, these individuals must have a genuine desire and willingness to help people in need and be able to maintain confidentiality.

An inability to adhere to the above qualities could most certainly land your clients in hot water, legally. While rare, hotline employees have in fact been part of lawsuits pertaining to wrongful death lawsuits, or liability issues dealing due to bad advice. Even if the crisis hotline counselor meant no harm, and even if there was no wrongdoing, a caller or a caller’s family member could still have a case against them. It’s not just the damages that your client should be worried about either.  They will also be facing costs such as defense fees and lawyer fees, which can be detrimental to their business goals, especially if they are a non-profit.

At ATP Insurance Program, we understand the unique risks that your clients face. We’re seeing increasingly more programs become available to help individuals and families, and have seen a shift in the stigma related to mental health issues. While these changes are positive, it is essential that these programs be financially protected with the right Behavioral Healthcare Insurance Policy. Please contact us today at (855) 661-0627 to learn more about our coverages and other eligible classes.

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