Risk Management Tools to Help Prevent Accidents, Losses

For larger complex risks, more extensive services are available at no additional cost. Professional staff and independent industry experts help your clients reduce the opportunity for loss by applying proven practices for accident and incident prevention. The support is personalized and typically includes the evaluation of prior loss experience and a review of current procedures.

Solutions and support provided include but are not limited to:

  • Driver Training
  • Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention
  • Contractual Risk Transfer Practice Controls

Praesidium Abuse Risk Management – Policy Analysis 

Sound policies provide the foundation for a safe work environment. They guide employees and volunteers, set tolerance levels, and they can help protect insureds if they face litigation. Upon request, Praesidium reviews and provides a detailed analysis of their policies to determine if the insureds’ policies are doing the job and addressing ever-changing issues that pose risk to the insured.

OmniSure Clinical Risk Management Support

OmniSure consultants are experienced clinicians and professionals with specialty-specific knowledge to help implement client safety, regulatory compliance, and any other specific risk reduction initiatives.

  • Telephone and web-based consultation
  • Risk tips and e-news alerts
  • OmniSure Risk Management Helpline
  • Training

Orion Fleet Intelligence

The Orion Fleet Intelligence program is now available for a risk-free, 90-day discovery period to help your clients control the costs of operating and insuring their fleets, while allowing them to monitor and manage driving behavior. Customers of this fleet safety solution are among the safest and most efficient fleets on the road. It has been widely recognized for its track record of generating rapid and sustained results without burdening the fleet operator with more work.