Risk Management Tools to Help Prevent Accidents, Losses

We are committed to providing specialized risk management and loss control tools as part of our ATP Insurance Program. Our goal is to help insureds achieve measurable risk improvement results. We provide both full-service and self-service industry-specific resources and access to additional tools to help with risk mitigation, which is critical in the behavioral healthcare field.

Self-Service Loss Control Solutions

Discounted Criminal Background Checks

Praesidium, an industry leader in abuse risk management, has developed comprehensive background check package designed for social service clients. The package is made available to insureds at a discounted rate of $9.95 per report.

Armatus Internet-based Abuse Training 

This tool, through, user-paced activities, video clips, compelling graphics, and sound effects, trains  clients’ staff in methods designed to help reduce the risk of the abuse of a vulnerable child or adult in their care. It also teaches them how to help protect themselves from false allegations of abuse. Additionally, clients are offered complimentary access to all of the Armatus web-based training courses.

To access Armatus trainings, please contact us at 866-922-5203.

Toll-free Confidential Abuse Helpline

Praesidium’s experts are just a phone call away to provide clients with guidance on abuse prevention, managing risks, and responding to dangerous or potentially costly situations. Call: 866-607-SAFE (7233)